Family Hair Styles and Services

Available at The Look Family Hair Salon

The Look Family Hair Salon will provide a friendly and affordable approach to the latest hairstyles for men, women, and children. Try a new style with a fresh haircut, color, curls, or highlights.


Our adult haircuts have a regular price of $15.00. We offer special pricing for children and seniors.

A lot of customers prefer not to have a shampoo, so that keeps our prices lower. We prefer to give our customers a discount for not getting a shampoo with their haircut. A shampoo with the haircut is only $2.00 more.

Here is additional information about our basic services:

Adult Haircut = $15.00

Adult Haircut w/Shampoo = $17.00

Haircut w/Shampoo buzz, bald, senior men, kids under 5 = $13.00

Haircut Senior women and Kids 6-10 = $12.50

Regular cut = $14.00

Haircut beard and mustache, neckline, bangs = $7.00

Mustache = $1.00

Hair Styles

We offer styles for all occasions from classic to formals, ranging from $5.00 to $25.00; and additional style pricing depends on the style wanted and the length of hair. It is highly recommended that you shampoo your hair the day before you come in for a formal style, so it will style better.

Shampoo & Conditioner = $5.00

Conditioning or Clarifying Treatment = $15.00

Reconstruction & Conditioning Treatment = $20.00

Blow dry = $7.00

Blow dry long hair = $12.00

Regular style = $13.00

Long style = $20.00

Updo: $36.00


We offer Matrix perms, All Nutrient perms and Zoto perms.

Perm with no style = $50.00

Perm with style = $60.00

Designer perms = $85.00 and up

(additional charges for longer hair)

Colors and Lighteners

We use the best hair color available on the market, SoColor by Matrix. SoColor features Cera-oil, a conditioning complex with deep conditioners that penetrates hair and remains on hair for up to 30 shampoos, keeping hair strong smooth and leaving a brilliant shine.

We also offer V-Lights, which have panthenol conditioners. And Kaleidocolors, which lifts and tones at the same time.

Basic color = $44.00 and up

Corrective color = $80.00 and up

Shampoo cap (bleach) = $15.00

Cap (highlight or low light) = $45.00

(additional charges to add foil to a color treatment)

Foils (5 or less) = $26.00 with blow dry

12 Foils = $38.00

30 Foils = $50.00 and up

Full head = $69.00 and up

Ombre = $90.00 and up

Color prices very due to length, density of hair, how many colors are used and if toner is used.

Nail Care

Polish only = $7.00

Cut nails & file = $7.00


We offer facial waxing, eyebrows, lip and chin.

Eyebrows & chin = $10.00 each area

Lip wax = $8.00

All over = $23.00

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We are located on the corner of Treat Hwy. and Hwy. 223, near the southeast corner of Adrian, MI.


Monday - Friday 9 am - 7 pm

Saturday 8:30 am - 3 pm

Sunday - closed

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